Ethical soap business discovers Furoshiki gift wrap solution

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Guest post by Alison Leifsen, Owner of Bloom in Soap
Natural and handmade Bloom in Soap bars and a folded furoshiki wrap
When I came across the Furoshiki Wrap Company on Instagram, I knew I had to work with them. Their mission aligns perfectly with my personal values and ethics which are at the core of my natural soap business. So when Jane, the Founder at Furoshiki Wrap Company, suggested a Zoom call to get to know each other a little better and find out more about her Furoshiki, I jumped at the chance of a friendly chat.

On a sustainable gifting mission

I’d been looking for a sustainable gift-wrapping solution for my soap business for some time. As my business is 100% plastic-free, sticky tape wasn't an option, and so far the best solution I’d come up with was paper wrapping tied with string. Yes, it was eco-friendly, but if I’m honest the wrapped gift looked rather amateur - not exactly the look I was going for. Plus, wrapping irregularly shaped soap bars in paper gift wrap was very time-consuming, fiddly to do, and the end result a little bit naff. 

What is Furoshiki?

And that’s when I discovered The Furoshiki Wrap Company. I’d never actually heard of Furoshiki before, so I was all ears when Jane told me the story behind this sustainable wrapping solution, and shared details of why they source their gorgeous fabrics in the UK. I quickly realised that I’d found the perfect solution to my gift-wrapping conundrum. With Furoshiki you can:
  • Wrap odd-shaped gifts easily (ideal for irregular-shaped soap bars)
  • Wrap any size gift (perfect for 1, 2, 3 or more soap bars)
  • Offer a sustainable and eco-friendly gift-wrap option to eco-conscious customers 
  • Make any gift (no matter what the shape) look absolutely beautiful
  • Provide a gift within a gift (Furoshiki is a beautiful gift in itself!)


My favourite way to use Furoshiki

Jane also told me about all the different ways you can re-use Furoshiki, and the list seems to be endless! My personal favourite is to use the mini Furoshiki as a bandana for my little dog - she looks super cute wearing it. And napkins - Furoshiki make the most gorgeous table decorations and are super useful at the dinner table. They also wash fabulously so don’t be afraid to use them over and over! 


Ooh, which Furoshiki to choose?

Sunflower print furoshiki, reusable fabric gift wrap

When it came to choosing Furoshiki for my shop, I was spoilt for choice with the range of prints and ended up (after much deliberation) settling on two designs that were the perfect fit for my business and for my customers. I chose the Wildflowers and Sunflowers Furoshiki, as the focus for my business, Bloom In Soap, is utilising botanical ingredients (flowers) to create natural skincare products. As I discovered The Furoshiki Wrap Company just before Christmas, I also ordered their exclusive Christmas Furoshiki, which were so wonderfully festive I knew they’d go down a treat with my customers (and they did).


Speedy service and quality

I was really impressed when my Furoshiki order arrived (very quickly I have to say), and was blown away by the quality and the finish - the prints are vibrant, clear, and absolutely stunning - even better ‘in the flesh’ (so to speak), and you really can feel the exceptional quality. In fact, I’m pretty confident they’ll be around for many years to come. Sustainable gift wrap sorted.


Sustainable circular economy gifting

Circular gifting is now a ‘thing’! If you’re a recipient of a Furoshiki-wrapped gift, you could wrap a gift for someone else with your Furoshiki, making your Furoshiki go full circle. That’s providing, of course, that you can bring yourself to part with it! You never know, you may even end up receiving your gifted Furoshiki on your next birthday ;)


Dog wearing sunflower print furoshiki as a bandana


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