Fun furoshiki ideas for a zero waste Easter

Posted by Jane Southgate on

Each year tonnes of waste is generated from Easter egg packaging alone.

Thankfully a lot of brands have ditched the plastic this year and gone for cardboard only boxes and inserts... and some are completely packaging free!!

When shopping for your eggs, this year have a look and see which brands have made the switch to plastic free...

Easter eggs wrapped in furoshiki, reusable fabric gift wrap 

Furoshiki are perfect for gift-wrapping Easter eggs, even when they aren't boxed. The fabric gift wrapping moulds beautifully to the egg shape allowing you to create a beautifully wrapped Easter gift in seconds. 

Why not try a playful Easter bunny inspired gift-wrap and give your Easter gift some ears. This looks fabulous in one of our prints as above... or you could grab one of our calico furoshiki and give your Easter bunny a little face!

Easter bunny style gift-wrapping using a calico furoshiki

If you are having an Easter egg hunt, you can use your furoshiki to create a little bag, or even an Easter basket...

Easter basket made out of a furoshiki reusable fabric gift wrap

You can find video demonstrations for all these Easter ideas on our social media channels:




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