The Furoshiki Wrap Company Christmas Collection

Posted by Lauren Appleton on

Furoshiki are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper. Every Christmas vast amounts of wrapping paper and tape are used and then thrown away after a single use. Furoshiki wraps are designed to solve this problem as they can be reused again and again for a variety of purposes, also avoiding the need for plastic tape. They can be reused to wrap another gift, or as a table lay, napkin, bag, festive scarf… or however your imagination takes you. Furoshiki can be washed and ironed if they get dirty and they are as good as new. 

Furoshiki are quicker and easier to use than wrapping paper and tape, reducing the time and struggle spent each Christmas when you come to tackling that mammoth wrapping job.They are also the perfect solution for those hard to wrap gifts. Being fabric, the material easily mould around oddly shaped gifts without the ever present problem of the paper tearing.

The Furoshiki Wrap Company Christmas Collection features lovely festive designs that  deliver Christmas joy in a sustainable way.


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