Re-gifting furoshiki... or not?

Posted by Jane Southgate on

Furoshiki are made to be reused... Whether that is by the recipient of the gift, or if you ask for the furoshiki back for you to be able to use it again, that is totally up to you.
We gave this lovely dinosaur wrap to a friend recently and they used it to wrap our little girl's birthday pressie at the weekend. Rather than keeping it I'm going to pass it back to them to use again (as I have plenty of wraps to hand!).
As more and more people you know start using furoshiki, the wraps will circulate and you will have to buy very few new furoshiki, so they become a very economical way to wrap as well as being sustainable πŸ˜ƒ
Therefore it's in your interest to promote furoshiki use amongst your friends πŸ˜‰
P.S. Ada is still a little young for successfully unwrapping any gift wrap herself, but thankfully her 3 year old brother was on hand to help her efficiently unwrap all her presents!! He loves unwrapping furoshiki just as much as paper 😊
You can find this roaming dinosaurs furoshiki in our children's collection.Β 

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