PRODUCT LAUNCH: Reclaimed Collection

Posted by Jane Southgate on

It is exciting for us to be starting the new year by launching our Reclaimed Collection and ticking off the recycle element of the 3 Rs.


Reduce - Using furoshiki which are reusable cuts out the need for disposable gift wrap and sticky tape, reducing landfill from gifting.  We have also found that by placing more emphasis on the wrapping of the present, gift givers are more mindful of the gift that they are giving and there is a shift from quantity to quality of presents. 

Reuse - The beauty of furoshiki wrapping is in how many times and how many ways the wraps can be reused. It is up to the gift giver whether they would like to give the furoshiki wrap as part of the present or if they would like it to be returned. If the furoshiki wrap itself becomes part of the gift, the recipient can either use the furoshiki to wrap a gift, or as a bag, scarf, belt, lunchbox wrapper....

Recycle - Our Reclaimed Collection is made using recycled fabrics, usually repurposed bed linen. People's preferences for bed linen are changing faster than the lifetime of their bedding. Thankfully a number of people are now looking to give their bedding a new home, as the patterns and fabrics that they are passing on are perfect for furoshiki. We are delighted to be able to turn these reclaimed fabrics into beautiful furoshiki gift wraps.   

Due to the limited quantities of each of the fabrics in the Reclaimed Collection, you can look forward to a continuously changing collection of new patterns. So be sure to check if there is something you like and grab it while you can!


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